Get your ISO 9001 documents ready in 4 weeks

You know implementing ISO 9001 will give your small business a huge competitive advantage

And it will help you grow. If you have ISO 9001 certification you will be able to:

  1. tender for large projects or apply for public sector contracts. The ISO 9001 is a pre-requisite for most of these projects.
  2. become a supplier for a large company. Most of these companies require ISO 9001 certification.
  3. remain competitive. If a customer is choosing between you and your competitors, a certified business is much more likely to win the contract.
  4. prove you’re a trustworthy and established business. Your customers will be much more likely to trust you, if your organization is actually certified for quality.
  5. prepare for the moment when a customer requires that you become ISO 9001 compliant. Usually, when a company gets certified, it will request that the suppliers also become certified because this helps guarantee the quality of their products.
  6. backtrack defects. You know it will only take a couple of untraceable defects on your product that have no point of tracking from design to development to production to set your SMB out of business.
  7. reduce costs incurred by scraps and rework.

And these are just few of the benefits of ISO 9001 certification.

That’s all great but the cost of ISO 9001 certification is quite high

That’s why, you decided to save money by doing yourself all of the work that an ISO 9001 consultant does.

You downloaded templates and started trying to “fix them up” for your business. But this hardly ever works because:

  • opting for a template as a reference is fine, but relying on template isn’t. Your processes might be far better than the template defined processes.
  • ISO documents are not just some paperwork. They describe processes that your entire business will be supposed to follow strictly once you get certified. If the documents aren’t done properly, you will end up with a useless Quality Management System that decreases the effectiveness of your production.
  • when you’re not familiar with the ISO 9001 standard and its requirements, you will be wondering what to do with the templates and forms exactly.
  • in the end, you will just waste your time, get frustrated and complain that the paperwork is impossible.

Preparing the necessary documentation is where small businesses waste most of the time. Still, paying a consultant hourly is outside of your budget.

How does 4×4 Fixed Price ISO 9001 Documents work?

It’s just 4 steps in 4 weeks:

STEP 1: Request a Quote
STEP 2: Accept proposal and agree to start date
STEP 3: Attend up to 4 sessions over the phone/Skype
STEP 4: Get ISO 9001 documents customised for your business delivered to you

What if you had all the necessary documents and templates customized for your business in just 4 weeks at a fixed price?

You would be able to save money and cut the time for ISO 9001 preparation in half.

This is what the 4×4 Fixed Price ISO 9001 Documents package is. It allows you to:

  • get all the necessary documentation in place in just 4 weeks
  • consult with an ISO 9001 expert entirely online, no matter where you are in Australia
  • save money implementing ISO 9001 in your organization
  • be confident that your documentation will meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard
  • save your time trying to figure out how to customize the templates
  • have documents optimized and customized for your business by an expert, not just generic templates
  • have someone “trim the fat” of the overall ISO requirements for you
  • rely on an ISO 9001 consultant with 10+ years of experience to prepare your documentation
  • have a consultant listen carefully to you and study your business

How much does it cost?

The amount of documentation and its complexity varies a lot between businesses. You can request a free quote for your business in just 2 minutes.

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