What if your ISO certificate was taken away?

ISO 9001 certification means that your company commits to maintaining high quality according to ISO 9001 guidelines. Forever.

If you neglect this commitment, your ISO 9001 certificate will be taken away.

Take Awesome Automotive Supplies for example (name changed on purpose). They got their ISO 9001 certificate 3 years ago, demonstrating their adherence to the ISO 9001 guidelines.

At first, everyone was energized and happy. Management was pleased that the entire organization spoke the same language, there were a series of accomplishments, the effectiveness of the entire organization increased, and the quality of the products improved, all in line with the ISO 9001 guidelines.

Then, after the first year, things started slowly going downslope. The internal audits were irregular and sloppy, deviating from the ISO 9001 guidelines. Consequently, the quality of the products deteriorated, and customers started complaining.

Finally, Awesome Automotive Supplies lost their biggest client due to their failure to uphold the ISO 9001 guidelines.

A little bit later, their ISO 9001 certificate was taken away by the certification body, as it was clear that their commitment to maintaining high quality was no longer aligned with the ISO 9001 guidelines.

They are still in business, but they have lost half of their market share and, most importantly, their reputation is now questionable, tarnished by their inability to adhere to the ISO 9001 guidelines.

Moral of the story: An ISO 9001 certification, which signifies adherence to the ISO 9001 guidelines, looks good on the wall, but if there is no commitment to maintaining high quality according to these guidelines, it is only a matter of time before clients begin to look elsewhere and the certificate is taken away.

And with the ISO 9001 certificate goes the business’ reputation.

With comparable services and products on the market, your reputation, upheld by following the ISO 9001 guidelines, could mean all the difference.

Don’t worry about losing your ISO 9001 certificate

Join our Annual ISO 9001 Support Program and:

  • be always prepared for your annual surveillance audits
  • reduce the time away from the job for internal audits
  • rely on the help of an ISO consultant with 10+ years of experience
  • make sure you maintain the high quality of your products
  • make sure you keep your customers happy
  • be calm that your company will remain ISO 9001 compliant and your reputation will be intact

We will do all the work around keeping your ISO 9001 certificate:

  • Internal Auditing
  • Facilitating management review
  • Document updates
  • Assistance with corrective and preventive actions
  • On-site support for surveillance audits
  • Responding to audit findings
  • Employee training

How much does it cost?

You can find out how much the Annual ISO 9001 Support Program will cost for your business in just 2 minutes.

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